We buy Diamonds


Should you wish to sell your diamond, at WDB we have a service to buy your diamonds back.

If you have a diamond that is certified by a recognized laboratory, we can make a first appraisal without seeing it. If the stone is not accompanied by a certificate, you will need to schedule an appointment in one of our offices to make an appraisal. 


Once the stone has been appraised by one of our graduated technicians, WDB will make a proposal. If you accept this proposal, you can leave there and then with the full amount in exchange for the stone and a release certificate which has to include your details as required by legislation. 


Should you decide not to accept the offer made by WDB, we can propose an alternative. WDB has a consignment service, whereby we establish a consignment contract for a certain period of time and defining the selling price of the stone. Within this given timeframe, WDB will try to sell your stone for you. Should WDB not manage to sell the stone, you will not be charged any fees and the stone will be returned to you as outlined in the contract. If instead WDB has sold the stone, the amount as agreed in the contract will be sent to you in the form of a bank check.


Furthermore, if a diamond is certified, we could eventually purchase it without having seen it. In this case, you can send us the diamond including a form that we will have sent you beforehand. Once we have received the stone, we will have our experts check the stone and send you an offer within 24hrs.


In this case as well, once you receive the offer, you have three options: you can accept the offer, you can choose our consignment services or we can simply send you the stone back. Should you choose the latter, the stone will be sent back to you through the registered and insured postal services. For the other two options, you would be sent a bank check.


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