Laser engraving


Diamond laser inscriptions are a growing trend for a technique that provides an easy way to identify a diamond. Without causing any damage to the stone, a micro-laser beam is used to etch a microscopic inscription on the girdle of diamonds weighing 0.18 carat or more. Laser inscriptions usually contain the initials of the certification laboratory and the number of the certificate.



Exemple of laser inscription on an frosted girdle


Laser inscriptions are a practical feature when for instance a diamond owner takes a ring in to a jeweller to get it cleaned, repaired or put in a new mounting because it helps to ensure they get the same diamond back that they brought in. This is especially important for high clarity diamonds that have no inclusion "fingerprints" visible with a 10x loupe.                                                              

Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is not the best way to identify a diamond as inscriptions can be easily polished out or added on another stone. A laser inscription can be polished off pretty easily if a diamond is stolen or some other scenario. Any store that buys a laser engraving machine can add any inscription they want on any diamond. As a result, if your diamond is stolen do not expect the laser inscription to help you recover your diamond.


The SARIN Laser scriber working with computer.


Laser engraving is actually not approved by all Diamantaires, some think it is an advantage for security and personalization pruposes, while others think this is only a marketing process denaturating the beauty of natural stones.

WDB chose to offer this service to their clients with the aim to satisfy each of them.



For a Laser engraving service or any Diamond service contact your WDB agent.



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